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UV Tech™ RiviveX® Wader Repair Kit
RiviveX® Wash-in RiviveX® Nubuck, Suede & Fabric RiviveX® Down Cleaner
Max Wax Zip Tech Zip Care
Aquaseal Seam Grip Sil-Net™
Cotol-240 Seal Cement Field Repair Kit
Tenacious Sealing and Repair Tape Mirazyme™ Odor Eliminator GORE-TEX® Fabric Repair Kit
Iron Mend® Fabric Repair Kit Melco Iron On Seam Tape Freesole® Shoe_Repair


UV Tech Surface Protectant & Rejuvenator  
UV Tech is a powerful protectant for use on hundreds of items including dry suit seals, kayaks, binocular housings, boat covers and a variety of outdoor fabrics and materials. Rejuvenates synthetic and natural materials and protects surfaces from sun damage and color fading. Restores gear to its original condition and prolongs gear life. Ideal for float tubes, waders & more.

Available in 2 oz. Blister Pack, 8 oz. or 16 oz. Bottle


$7.99 per 8 oz Bottle

$15.95 per 16 oz Bottle


Water Repellent for Outerwear, High performance water repellent for all rain and ski wear. For GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® garments and all types of breathable laminates and synthetic fabrics. Works on jackets, bibs, rain gear, hats and more! ReviveX® Water Repellent for Outerwear will totally restore and/or create DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to any outerwear that can be washed and tumble dried. For all-season comfort, just wash, spray and tumble dry. It's that simple. ReviveX Water Repellent is durable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Available in 10 oz.

$14.99 per 10 oz.


ReviveX® Waterproofing Soak 
If you’re looking for a longer lasting, eco-friendly, air drying, DWR-restoring water repellent that even works on cotton, search no farther! One treatment with ReviveX® Waterproofing Soak by Gear Aid™ creates and restores water repellency all season long.

ReviveX Waterproofing Soak works on everything from Carhartt® workwear and rain gear to fleece jackets and GORE-TEX® pants. The flourine-free soak formula ensures the water repellent adheres to your clothes rather than washing down the drain. Set this versatile repellent into the fabric with heat for superior performance, or let it air dry for those items that don’t like to get hot. ReviveX Waterproofing Soak’s concentrated formula treats twice as many garments as other wash-in formulas and is guaranteed to perform.

Available in 8 fl. oz.

For a Limited Time - ReviveX Waterproofing Soak comes with a FREE 2 oz. sample of ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner!

$12.99 each


ReviveX® Synthetic Fabric Cleaner 
Specialized formula designed to clean all types of outerwear including rainwear, skiwear, soft shells, fleece and synthetic insulation. Essential preparation for treatment with Revivex Water Repellents. Ideal for GORE-TEX® garments, WINDSTOPPER® garments and other waterproof breathable garments. The choice of top outerwear and skiwear manufacturers.

Available in 12 fl. oz.

$9.00 each


ReviveX® Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Water Repellent Spray 
Engineered for the newest generation of nubuck, suede and fabric boots and shoes! Also ideal for Gore-Tex® footwear, Gore-Tex® XCR® footwear and other waterproof breathable footwear. This high performance formula weatherproofs without darkening or smoothing finishes. Ideal for weatherproofing and stainproofing all types of boots and shoes.

Also check out Freesole® Shoe Repair Glue!

Available in 4 fl. oz.

$6.99 each


ReviveX® Down Cleaner 
Gently restores loft and warmth to down jackets, sleeping bags, comforters and pillows. Unlike household laundry soaps, this specialized commercial-grade formula cleans without detergents and preserves the natural oils in down. The choice of top down jacket, sleeping bag and comforter manufacturers.


Available in 12 fl. oz.

$7.99 each



Mirazyme™ Odor Eliminator
A powerful blend of natural enzymes and microbes used to remove odors caused by mold, mildew and bacteria. The McNett Corporation has identified, separated and reproduced a unique blend of 10 naturally occurring and highly adapted enzymes, microbes and other organic ingredients designed to identify and destroy odor. MiraZyme is extremely versatile, quickly and effectively removing odor and organic debris from a wide variety of clothing, footwear, outdoor and sports gear, and more. Residues from MiraZyme are water and carbon dioxide-safe for the environment.

MIRAZYME Directions For Use:
Use ½ oz. (15ml) Mirazyme for every 20 gal. (75.8L) of water. Use 1½ oz. (45ml) Mirazyme for every 55 gal. (208.5L) of water. Mix well. Unzip all garment and compartment zippers. Dip item into solution, saturating inside and out. 
DO NOT RINSE. Remove item and air dry. Cap bottle tightly and store in a cool, dry place. May darken leather. Test for colorfastness prior to use. 

Mix 2 oz (60ml) Mirazyme in 20 gal (75.8 L) of water. Turn tent inside out and unzip doors. Immerse tent in solution, saturating completely. Soak for 5 minutes. 
DO NOT RINSE. Remove tent and air dry. 

FOR STUBBORN OR SEVERE ODORS such as pet mishaps, skunk, fish, spilled milk, farm boots and work gear: Apply Mirazyme full strength to problem area. 
DO NOT RINSE. Air dry. Mirazyme may be applied with a spray bottle, mixed according to directions or full strength. Saturate item completely. 

Available in 2 oz. Blister Pack and 8 oz. Bottle

$3.99 per 2 oz
$7.99 per 8 oz


Zip Tech 
Solid Zipper Lubricant. Heavy duty formula for multi-dive lubrication on all types of zippers. The industry standard, silicone-free. Zip Tech Solid Zipper Lubricant
High performance lubricant for water tight and air tight zippers. Protects against rust, corrosion, chlorine and salt in all temperatures. Long lasting, contains no paraffin or silicone.

For best results, preclean with McNett Zip Care. Thoroughly clean zipper, removing all sand, dirt and other debris. Open zipper and apply Zip Tech sparingly only to the outer teeth of zipper. To thoroughly distribute lubricant, close and open zipper carefully. Repeat process until zipper moves freely. Wipe away excess. To prolong zipper life, reapply Zip Tech periodically and prior to prolonged storage periods.

Available in ½ oz. Blister Pack

$6.50 each


Zip Care
Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant. Zip Care is the ultimate zipper care for plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Unique push-pull brush top enables the cleaner to be delivered between the teeth and physically removes harmful dirt, sand, and salt deposits that can jam the zipper.

Prior to application, unzip garment and use brush, with cap in closed position, to remove sand, mud and other debris. Remove grit from brush before lubricating zipper. Open cap and brush generous amount of Zip Care onto zipper teeth. Reapply regularly, especially before storage periods. Close cap and rinse brush after use.

Available in 2oz. Blister Pack.

$4.99 each


Max Wax
Stick Lubricant for Zippers. High quality silicone and paraffin zipper lubricant. Silicone based stick formula for lubricating plastic and metal zippers on wet suits, dry suits, boat covers, tents and more. 

Apply to teeth of zipper. Open and close zipper to distribute lubricant evenly. Reapply regularly.
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

Available in ¾ oz. Blister Pack.

$3.99 each



Seam Grip Seam Sealer
This flexible urethane formula is a waterproof and permanent seam sealer that is concentrated and only requires one application.  Ideal for natural and synthetic fibers, waterproof laminates, leather, vinyl and more.  Dries overnight, or in 2 hours when Cotol-240 cure accelerator is added.  Repairs rips, tears and areas of abrasion. 

1 oz tube $7.25 each

8 oz tube $19.95 each***

1/2 oz blister pack Cotol-240*** $4.99 each

*** The Cotol-240 or 8 oz Seam Grip cannot be shipped via air. ****
We cannot ship Cotol-240 or 8 oz Seam Grip via UPS Next day, 2nd or 3rd day, nor can we ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally.



Sil-Net Silicone Seam Sealer    
Sil-Net is specially formulated for sealing seams on fabric coated with silicone based products.  Repairs moderate rips, tears and areas of abrasion.  

1.5oz tube $7.45 each


Field Repair Kit
The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs including tents, sleeping pads, rainwear, backpacks, boots and more. Kit includes two adhesive backed clear Tenacious Brand pressure-sensitive patches, along with 1/4 ounce tube of Seam Grip Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant and brush.

Available with a Clear patch or Black patch

$5.99 each



Tenacious Sealing and Repair Tape
For Instant Repairs! Tenacious Brand repair tape is ideal for fast in-field repairs on tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more. Our super aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of flexible, long lasting repairs. Our non-gloss finish is almost invisible, eliminating the need to match colors on fabrics and other materials. Instantly seals leaking seams, tears and pinholes, stops rips from spreading and acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas. Can be used in conjunction with McNett Urethane Adhesives for ultra strong repairs. Includes one 3" x 20" (50cm x 7.5cm) strip of tape, 60 sq. inches (375 sq. cm).  7 colors available: Liquid Orange, Sage Green, Dark Brown Earth, Dark Blue, White Platinum, Clear, Black.

Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape holds tenaciously! Our super aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of flexible, long lasting repairs at home or in the field! Our non-gloss matte finish is almost invisible, eliminating the need to match colors on fabric and other materials.

Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape stops rips from spreading and acts as abrasion resistance on high wear areas of garments and gear.  Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape can also be used in conjunction with McNett Urethane Adhesives for ultra strong repairs.

Provides fast, long lasting repairs on synthetic and natural fabrics, fleece, vinyl, rubber and plastic. Ideal for: tents, rain gear, tarps, wind wear, backpacks, gaiters, sleeping bags, gloves, stuff sacks, mats and pads, seats, awnings, soft coolers, tablecloths, PFD�s, boat covers, inflatable toys, emergency bicycle tire repairs & more.

Adhesive Option: If  more permanent repairs are desired. Tenacious Tape can be used with Seam Grip® or Aquaseal® Urethane Adhesives. If used in this manner, follow adhesive application instructions and overlap the adhesive with Tenacious Tape by at least 1 inch (25mm). Once adhesive is fully cured, the tape may be removed if desired.

Storage and Care: Store unused portion of tape in sealed plastic bag. Tenacious Tape is washable. Do not dry clean.


7 colors available: Liquid Orange, Sage Green, Dark Brown Earth, Dark Blue, White Platinum, Clear, Black.

$3.75 each



SilFix Repair Kit
The essential field repair kit for silicone impregnated nylon tents, packs, rainwear and more! Kit includes on Clean Tape™ patch, one sil-nylon repair swatch, 1/4 ounce tube of sil-fix and brush.

$5.99 each



GORE-TEX® Fabric Repair Kit
The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs including tents, sleeping pads, rainwear, backpacks, boots and more. Kit includes two adhesive backed GORE-TEX® fabric pressure-sensitive patches. Ideal for GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER® Fabric. Available in Black, Navy, Green, Yellow, Tan, Navy Digital and Universital Camouflage.  Two patches per kit, One 2" x 4" Rectangle, One 3" round patch.

The patches supplied in this kit will provide a temporary water resistant repair for GORE-TEX® fabric products.
• Patches should be kept in sealed plastic bag until used.
• Area to be repaired must be clean and dry.
• Patch will not adhere effectively to loose debris, grease or oil.
• Patch should overlap tear by at least ½" in all directions.
• Remove release paper from back of patch. Lay GORE™ product on a smooth flat surface and apply patch using finger pressure (adhesive side down). Rub patch surface in a circular motion from the center out covering the entire patch area.
• Product can be used immediately; however, the adhesive will continue to strengthen over the next 12 to 24 hours.
• The durability of the patch can be enhanced by applying heat and moderate pressure. Use a clean iron and set to medium heat.  Press with moderate pressure in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

$7.95 each



Iron Mend® Fabric Repair Kit
Iron-on repair fabric. Provides strong, flexible, permanent repairs for neoprene. Lined with Barritex? for extra abrasion resistance. Iron Mend may be used to repair neoprene dry suits, wet suits, waders, neoprene gloves and boots, orthopedic supports, and lycra body suits. Includes: 10" x 6" Knee-Pad Patch, Reusable Heat Shielding and Detailed Instructions.

$9.95 each



Melco Iron On Seam Tape 
A ⅞" heat applied seam tape for sealing seams on neoprene, outdoor garments and outdoor gear.  Can be easily applied with a household iron to achieve factory quality seams.  User assumes all liability of damage to their project when using this product since high heats are involved.

Colors: Black and Grey




12" wide

12" WIDE Melco Iron On Seam Tape 
A 12" heat applied seam tape for sealing large areas on neoprene, outdoor garments and outdoor gear.  Can be easily applied with a household iron to achieve factory quality patches.  User assumes all liability of damage to their project when using this product since high heats are involved.  Available in black.


Now for a limited time only we have 12" wide Melco Iron On Seam Tape

12" wide - 95¢/ inch




Melco Iron Heat Shield      
Use this 6"x10" Melco Heat Shield to protect your iron and fabric while sealing seams with Melco Iron On Seam Tape.  An inexpensive way to do the job right. 

50¢ each


Seal Cement by Aquaseal     
Industrial strength neoprene cement.  Quickly repairs and cements neoprene with professional strength at home or in the field.  Also may be used to repair and seal boots, gloves, fishing waders and hundreds of other rubber articles.  


2oz Tube $4.75 each.  Available in black only.


4 oz Can $6.99 each.  Available in clear or black.


Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant for - Wet Suits or Waders
Aquaseal is made of urethane rubber for flexible repairs with hundreds of water sport and household uses.  Repairs wet suits, dry suits, and all neoprene products, giving a permanent, flexible and waterproof repair for all types of waders and outdoor equipment.  Fixes neoprene, rubber and coated fabric waders.  Also waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion.  

3/4 oz tube $6.95 each




Better, faster gear repair through chemistry. 

Cotol-240 does two things to make gear repair faster and better: It makes Gear Aid urethane adhesives dry faster. And it cleans fabrics and surfaces before the repair so urethane adhesives can create maximal bond. Use Cotol-240 with SeamGrip®, Aquaseal®, and Freesole®.
Works with SeamGrip, Aquaseal, and Freesole.


The solvent cleans and prepares the surface, readying it for Aquaseal® , speeding the tack time to 15 minutes and the full cure time to less than two hours. Cotol-240 is also ideal for removing tar, sap, glue, and other resins from various surfaces including glass, plastic and metal. Available in 1/2 oz. Blister Pack.

1/2 oz blister pack $4.99 each




Wader Repair Kit
Ideal "take along" repair kit for quick repairs to waders in the field. Kit fits easily into fishing vests and includes two adhesive backed, Tenacious Brand pressure-sensitive patches along with 1/4 oz. tube of Aquaseal urethane adhesive and brush.

$5.99 each


Freesole® Urethane Formula Shoe Repair
Urethane Formula Shoe Repair is a patented urethane rubber repair system designed to restore and rebuild all types of footwear. Unaffected by heat or solvents, FREESOLE cures to a flexible thermoset rubber product providing superior adhesion, wear resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. The highly concentrated formula has minimal shrinkage: thick repairs can be made with only one permanent application. Ideal for worn heels, toes, sole and ski delaminations and more. FREESOLE will not separate with repeated flexing.

Also check out RiviveX® Nubuck, Suede & Fabric for waterproofing the fabric on your shoes!

Available in 1½ oz. Blister Pack.

$6.99 each


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