Monolith Pad
A must for any of the cycling patterns or to replace worn out chamois pads in cycling shorts.  The Monolith Pad is pre-formed and treated with an anti-bacterial application.  This pad is what is found in lots of ready-made cycling gear.

Colors: Black

$11.95 each


Weller 40 Watt Hot Knife 
Until you buy one of these you may not understand how useful it can be!  This hot knife is perfect for cutting and sealing cording, webbing, and synthetic fabrics.  Make your projects more durable so that they last longer.  

$38.95 each
Replacement Tips $10.95 each


2" Hot Box Webbing Cutter
This webbing/rope cutter will make a fast job of cutting and sealing webbing or any synthetic material up to 2" wide.  It is fast and easy to use so it will speed up your production time. 

$134.95 each
Replacement Blade $26.95 each


Touro ALLSTAR® Mini Cutting Machine
Don't be fooled by the term "Mini".
This cutter will cut through several layers of fabric up to 9/32" thick. It is a huge time saver for small manufacturers, hobby sewers and people with arthritic hands.  Includes two-inch six-sided blade, built-in sharpener, sharpener stone, two extra brushes and more.

$199.95 ea.



EberleCrafts by Mundial: Professional Hobby and Zipper Shortening Tools 
EberleCrafts Hobby Tools: superior performance at an affordable price! Perfect for all of your beading, jewelry making, floral crafting and zipper customization needs! These tools will make zipper shortening even easier!  A must for any avid sewer.  Also check out our "All about Coil & Molded Tooth Zippers" information sheet below for detailed directions on how to make zipper alterations.

Made with Chrome Vanadium with Spring-Action Handles and Comfortable Rubber Grips!

F19 Long Nose Pliers 5"
Use long nose pliers to bend and shape wire. The long, thin nose is ideal for grasping small objects in confined areas. Serrated jaws guarantee a firm grip. Perfect multi-purpose tool! Use it to pull out Vislon teeth or crimp on top stops.
$6.95 Each
F21 Universal Pliers 4.5"
Use for all general crafting purposes. Serrated jaws guarantee a firm grip. Wide tip makes this tool great for crimping on top stops and pulling out teeth.
$6.95 Each
F22 Nipping Pliers 4.25"
Use nipping pliers to cut soft wire (including coil teeth!). Great for working with electronics and jewelry making. Highly recommend for zipper tooth extraction!
$6.95 Each
F23 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 4.5"
Use diagonal cutting pliers to cut lightweight wire, silk flower stems and coil zipper teeth. Great for floral crafts, jewelry making, beadwork and zipper customization. Serrated jaws guarantee a firm grip. Perfect for customizing coil zippers!
$6.95 Each
F24 Bent Nose Pliers 5"
Use bent nose pliers to grasp hard-to-reach objects. The long, thin nose is angled for easy access to narrow areas. Serrated jaws guarantee a firm grip. The angled design makes crimping on top stops a breeze!
$6.95 Each
F25 Flat Nose Pliers 5"
Use flat nose pliers to make sharp bends and angles in craft wire. Serrated jaws guarantee a firm grip. Also great for putting on top stops with its wide tip!
$6.95 Each

C.S. Osborne Marking Chalk
This chalk is clay based and thus it is much easier to erase. Also works on glass and vinyl that other chalks do not. Due to the shape of this chalk a sharp marking edge is maintained.
Box of 12 contains : 8 white, 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue

$12.95 each


If you've ever pulled the drawstring out of anything and went through the agonizing process of trying to re-thread it, then the Fastrak is for you!  This tool makes threading drawstrings through a waistband or top casing on a stuff sack, easy!  

$4.50 Each



Seam Ripper
Any good sewer is a good seam ripper!  Treat yourself to this professional quality seam ripper.  Larger than most, perfect for heavier outdoor applications.  

$1.75 Each



1/4" Acrylic Double-Sided Tape 
Originally used by sail makers, this non-yellowing, double-sided tape is ideal for holding seams together long enough to get them stitched down. Will not gum up needles.  Comes in 72 yard rolls.     

$4.99 Each


Wash Away Wonder Tape     
This 1/4" double-sided transparent tape can be stitched through.  Will not gum up needles.  Disappears after washing.  Use to position zippers, appliqués, pockets and much more without using pins.

1/4" x 360" $5.99 each


Save your patterns with do-sew pattern tracing polyester.  Only $5.00 for a 5 yard roll! 

$5.49 Each




781 Dry Silicone Spray    
A quality silicone product that lubricates, repels water, helps prevent rust and corrosion.  Safe for nearly all surfaces.  Use on rubber and plastic molds, cutting dies, blades, saws, sewing and stitching machines.  An excellent lubricant. 

$11.95 per 11 oz. can

*** This product cannot be shipped via air. ****
We cannot ship via UPS Next day, 2nd day or 3rd day, nor can we ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Internationally.


Zoom Spout Oiler
The telescoping spout extends 9" to get at all of the hard to reach spots.  This stainless oil is ideal for use on sewing machines and all related equipment, linkages, and wherever a stainless oil is needed.  

4oz   $3.95/each



Zipper and Snap Lubricant
For snaps, zippers, hinges, and hardware.  Lubricates, waterproofs, and reduces friction.  It keeps snaps from corroding and locking up and keeps zippers free flowing.  Will not rinse away or dissipate in hot weather. 

1.5 oz $6.95/each




Iosso Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
Color and fabric safe!  Removes mold, mildew, algae stain, tough dirt, oils, some food stains, and blood stains.  Recommended for use on awnings, canopies, tents, patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, spa covers, tarps, boat covers, camping gear, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass.

12 oz   $16.50/each




Iosso Canvas Seam Sealer
IOSSO seam sealer prevents most seams from leaking.  Best for use on cotton, cotton blends, polyester and synthetic woven fabrics.  It will not change the look or feel of the fabric.  Ideal for boat covers, awnings, tents, backpacks, etc.

4oz   $12.50/each




Aquamira Microbiological Filter
Saves weight by combining your water filter and water bottle.  Provides a safe and effective way to enjoy clear, clean tasting water anywhere, offering the ultimate in convenience for personal water filtration.  The Aquamira has an activated carbon filter that removes 99.99% of the harmful Giardia and Cryptosporidium pathogens and removes the chlorine taste from tap water.  Fits most bicycle water bottle cages and trail packs.  The Lexan® flip-cap protects the spout from dirt, debris and other contaminants.  Each filter treats up to 200 refills.

Replacement Filters $9.95/each



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