Seattle Fabrics carries a large supply of waterproofing supplies. Nixwax is perfect for garments, equestrian blankets, tents and other camping/outdoor gear.  In addition to the Nikwax products shown on this page, you can find additional products on our Waterproofing page which are more suitable for boat tops, awnings, tents, horse blankets and permanent outdoor structures. Also check out our McNett products for outdoor sports, scuba diving, seam sealing and more!
1. To minimize contact with a Nikwax treated material, water beads up.
2. When force is applied, such as rain hitting the surface, water droplets distort but won't enter the fabric.
3. Water resists contact with the water-repellent fibers and moves back to the surface.

Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-in  
For laminates, coatings or microfibers.  Applied in your washing machine, so garments are completely immersed, coating every fiber, ensuring that no area will be missed.  10 fl. oz. bottle.  

$11.50 each


Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-On   
For laminates and coatings, this is a safe non-aerosol reproofing spray.  Ideal for use on garments with wicking linings, synthetic sleeping bags and items that should not be machine washed.  Can be used on wet or dry items. 

$13.00 each


Nikwax Polar Proof   
For fleece, wool, and synthetic insulated outerwear, this wash-in treatment applies an even coating of durable water repellency to the entire garment.  Treated items dry remarkably fast and insulate better in wet conditions. 

$11.00 each


Nikwax Down Proof    
Wash-in treatment reduces the water absorbency of down, and adds water repellency to the fabrics outer shell.  Helps down dry faster and increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions by maintaining maximum loft.  

$11.00 each


Nikwax Cotton Proof    
Wash-in or paint-on treatment adds water repellency to cotton, heavy duty canvas, and poly/cotton fabrics.  Contains a high concentration of active ingredients that make it highly effective on clothing or gear that typically offer minimal protection.  

$11.00 each


Nikwax Tent and Gear Proof    
For reproofing non-breathable materials this non-aerosol spray-on waterproofing is for fabrics coated with polyurethane, neoprene or PVC.  Ideal for non-breathable rainwear, tent flies, backpacks, etc.

$11.50 ea for 10 oz

$17.50 for 16.9 oz

(we currently have the 16.9 oz in stock only)


Nikwax Tech Wash     
For all water-repellent fabrics, this non-detergent cleaner protects the water-repellent finish on fabrics.  Use before applying any Nikwax product and results will last twice as long.  Rinses residue free and improves fabric performance.  10 fl. oz.   

$8.50 each


Nikwax Down Wash     
Cleans and restores the loft and natural water repellency of down garments and sleeping bags.  It effectively cleans heavily soiled down-filled equipment and helps the feathers regain their loft.  

$8.50 each


Equestrian Cleaning & Re-Proofing Products     

Rug Wash     
A non-detergent soap for horse blankets. Effectively removes dirt and maintains all water-repellent finishes. In independent tests, Rug Wash maintained water-repellency on waterproof fabrics for over 35 washes! One 33.8 oz size bottle will wash approximately 6 horse blankets.

$20.95 per 33.8 fl. oz.
$84.95 per 169 fl. oz

Rug Proof     
A concentrated water-based emulsion of TX.10 polymers specifically formulated for horse blankets. Both Canvas Rug Proof and Synthetic Rug Proof add water-repellency to horse blankets thus protecting your investment and your horse. Each maintains the strength and durability of the blankets in wet conditions.

$28.95 per 33.8 fl. oz.
$94.95 per 169 fl. oz


Nikwax Aqueous Wax Leather Waterproofing      
A water-based formula that can be applied to wet or dry boots.  This application is preferentially drawn to areas that need it most.  Make darken leather or wax down texture of suede.     

$7.50 each


Nikwax Fabric and Leather Waterproofing      
Provides maximum waterproofing with minimal change to the appearance and texture of fabric and leather.   4.2 oz..  

$7.50 each


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