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Waterproof-breathable Tricks and Tips:

All waterproof breathable fabrics should be seam sealed to ensure that garment is waterproof.  We offer  liquid seam sealers and Melco(r) iron-on seam tape just for this purpose!

Pattern Tricks and Tips:

When using a pattern, you can save your pattern by making a master copy using Do-Sew pattern tracing polyester.  This comes in a 5 yard roll for $5.49


Binding Tricks and Tips:

Use Lycra or Stretch Fleece for your cuffs and waistbands!

Most fleece garments use Lycra for the cuffs and waistbands.  It is usually applied in thinner strips than conventional ribbing, giving a neat appearance.  Stretch fleece is not the most traditional cuff or waistband material but it gives a very snug and comfortable fit.  Apply in the same manner as you would with regular Rib Knit

Zipper Tricks and Tips:

How To Shorten A Zipper

Zippers are easy to shorten.  If you cannot find a zipper that is the right length but can find the right zipper that is longer than you need, it is simple to make it work!  Measure from the bottom, up to the length that you need and mark with chalk.  If you have a separating zipper do not alter the bottom end or it will no longer separate.

To Shorten a Vislon Molded Tooth Zipper:  Grip the teeth above the mark with a pair of pliers and give it a yank!  The teeth come off fairly easily.  Repeat until you have removed a little more than an inch of teeth on both sides.  Take your top stop and squeeze it in place above the last tooth on each side.  Top stops cost 5 cents each.

To Shorten A Coil Self-Mending Zipper:  Since a continuous coil zipper is like a coiled spring, it has to be treated differently than a Vislon zipper.  The teeth cannot just be pulled out, they have to be cut.  Clip only the front part of the coil in half, being careful not to cut into the zipper tape.  You will be left with "U" shaped pieces that will still be woven into the tape and are easily removed.  Remove a little more than an inch of teeth on both sides.  Take your top stop and squeeze it into place above the last tooth on each side making sure that the last piece of coil is crimped under the top stop.  Top stops costs 5 cents each.

Putting on Sliders: First, open up an inch or two of zipper tape on one end. Second, feed the individual sides through the funnel end (the wider end) of the slider at the same time. When putting on vislon or other locking sliders (including coil locking and water resistant sliders) remember that the pull tab must be in the upright position. When the pull tab is down, it locks the slider into place, disallowing movement on the tape. See info on water resistant zipper sliders bellow.

Water Resistant Zipper Tape: When putting on a slider onto your water resistant zipper tape, remember that the zipper tape is inside out in comparison to normal zipper tapes. The shiny side is your outside, while the teeth side are sewn into the inside of your garment. Water resistant zipper tape require a special slider because of the tape being reversed.

If you would like more detailed information on altering zippers, check this out:

All About Coil & Molded Tooth Zippers
Information Sheet From Green Pepper

This informative 4 page "how to" sheet deals with all the aspects of zippers-from shortening and adding top stops to applying zipper slides singly or so they meet in the middle.  It shows tricks used for both coil and molded tooth zippers with great illustrations. 

$1.50 each


Structure and Types of Zippers

Water Resistant Fabric 
Structure of a zipper.  Click picture to enlarge.
Water Resistant Fabric
  Types of zippers.  Click picture to enlarge.

Water Resistant FabricZipper sizes: #5 is 5 mm across the teeth (when it is closed), #8 is 8 mm and #10 is 10 mm. See picture to left.

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