1-1/2" 3M™ High Gloss Vinyl Reflective Tape @ $3.00/ yard

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1-1/2" 3M™ High Gloss Reflective Vinyl Tape @ $3.00

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material – High Gloss is designed for use on safety garments and when properly used, it helps enhance the visibility of the wearer in daytime, nighttime, or low-light conditions.  This reflective vinyl tape consists of highly retroreflective microprisms formed on flexible, glossy, and UV-stabilized polymeric film. A flexible vinyl film sealed on the backside of the 3M™ high gloss reflective vinyl tape encapsulates the microprisms and protects the reflective product from dirt and moisture penetration.  The fluorescent lime-yellow high gloss color is conspicuous under daytime conditions, particularly at dawn or dusk or on cloudy days and the silver has superior reflective qualities that light up at night.

Colors: Silver, Fluorescent Yellow

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