54" Cutlass Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl @ $18.95/ linear yard

Part Number:FUPHC
54" Cutlass Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl @ $18.95/ linear yard
54' Cutlass Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl @ $18.95/ linear yard
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54" Cutlass Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl @ $18.95

This upholstery vinyl is marine grade; meaning that it is mildew resistant, UV stabilized and has a -10ø cold crack limit. Perfect for exterior furniture and marine applications. 23 colors are available in this exceptional 28 oz. per linear yard vinyl. Exceeds 20,000 Cycles (Wyzenbeek). 1,000 Hours UV Resistance. -10ø Cold Crack.

Colors: Lime Punch, Black, Graphite Gray, Palomino White, Lightening White, Snow White, Pearl White, Oyster, Glacier, Armada, Ice Gray, Canary Yellow, Cheddar, Orange Sizzle, Valentine, Crimson, Burgundy, Purple Passion, Blue Ribbon, Sapphire, Grey Sky

    Marine Grade Vinyl

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