Aquaseal® UV Fast Fix Adhesive

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Aquaseal® UV Fast Fix Adhesive
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Aquaseal® UV Fast Fix Adhesive

Big Strength Repairs in a Small Lightweight Tube

Need to make instant field repairs to outdoor gear, but don’t have time to wait for the glue to dry? Try Aquaseal UV® by Gear Aid®.

This quick-drying UV activated adhesive cures in seconds when exposed to sunlight. Ideal for instant stream-side repairs, Aquaseal UV’s flexible formula works in both overcast and full light conditions. Use it to repair neoprene, GORE-TEX® or other waterproof breathable waders as well as outdoor gear, like tents and inflatable mattresses. As an added bonus, Aquaseal UV adhesive can also be used to coat fly line knots or as a head cement for fly tying.

Finally, a UV curing adhesive worthy of the Aquaseal name.

  •     UV cure adhesive repairs pinholes and minor tears in waders, rainwear and outdoor gear
  •     Instant field repairs; cures in seconds 30-45 seconds when exposed to sunlight
  •     Flexible formula works on neoprene and waterproof breathable fabrics including GORE-TEX®
  •     Solvent free formula works in both overcast and full light conditions
  •     Fishing Bonus: coats fly line knots and cements fly heads
  •     Made in USA

1/4 oz. @ $6.95 ea.

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