Artisan® ACF-625 Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motor

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Artisan® ACF-625 Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motor
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Artisan® ACF-625 Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motor

Introducing the NEW artisan® ACF-625 Digital Electronic Servo Sewing Machine Motor.  

If you are tired of the constant hum of a clutch motor or need to replace a worn out motor, this sewing machine servo motor is the answer!
The Artisan® ACF-625 sewing machine motor is made to the highest exacting standards available. The ACF-625 produces 4.1 Nm torque and 750 watts of power. That is nearly 1 full hp of performance and power. Standard obsolete 1/2 hp clutch motors are just 400 watts. This motor is fully contained inside a housing frame including all of the electronic components in one complete assembly. Included with the system is a v-belt adjusting mechanism, a full cover over the pulley as well as a complete wiring harness with an illuminated rocker style on/off switch and a 110 volt lamp receptacle. The new style speed controller is completely electronic and is extremely accurate. ACF-625 motors begin gently and smoothly from stopped to whatever desired sewing speed the operator requires. ACF-625 motors develop full torque power from the first revolution variable up through whatever the desired sewing speed selected the operator chooses. Motor top end or ceiling speeds are easily digitally adjusted for complete speed control assuring the sewing machine operator of an absolute speed range with complete control and safety. Each electronic P.C. mother board and controller is made of the best quality electronic components and you are assured of many years of trouble fee performance.

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