Gutermann Thread

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Gutermann Thread
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Gutermann Thread

Thanks to its balanced elasticity and recovery, Gutermann thread is perfect for sewing any kind of clothing fabric and light weight fabric like ripstop nylons and oxfords. Each stitch is uniform and seams do not pucker, regardless of if the fabric is natural, synthetic or a blend. Gutermann sewing thread is washable to 200°F, shrink resistant, iron resistant to 390°F, color fast and fade resistant. Its abrasion resistance guarantees durable and long-lasting seams. 100% polyester Gutermann thread.

*** Note: Because Gutermann sewing thread comes in so many colors, we have made the first color option to be “Match my Fabric." If this color option is selected, we will attempt to match the fabric that you are ordering from us as best as possible. If you chose a specific color of thread with your fabric, we will select the thread that matches the best (e.g. if you order red fabric and you select red thread, we will chose a red that matches the closest). If you chose a color with out ordering fabric, we will chose the "truest" color possible. If you would like to buy Gutermann sewing thread in a specific color, we will need you to tell us the color name and number off of the spool or our color chart.

Standard Size-110 Yards $1.75 each
** 260 colors available **

Dressmaker Size-274 Yards $3.66 each

Economy Size-547 yards $5.50 each

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