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Bilgy 1 Person Light Tarp Shelter Pattern

Tarp Shelter has a 1.3 silicone impregnated ripstop tarp attached to a No-see-um Shelter with 1.3 silicone impregnated ripstop bathtub floor and end flaps to completely cover and protect both ends of the shelter from wind and rain.  One or both sides can be lowered to the ground to shed wind and also includes an inside pocket, clothesline and light hanger.

1-person tent

Height - 40 inches

Floor area - 36 inches x 87 inches

Floor area equivalent to conventional tent with slanting walls - 45 inches x 96 inches

Weight (with 4 oz. Of stakes) - 1 lb.-12oz. (TOTAL WEIGHT MAY VARY SLIGHTLY)

Why Build a Bilgy Light Tarp Shelter?

The Bilgy Tent starts with a tarp.  Besides being lightweight, tarps have important foul-weather features that tents don't have:

  •           Tarps are open, spacious, and well ventilated.
  •           Tarps have an awning that provides a covered entryway and an area to cook in. The Bilgy has vestibules on each side of the mosquito shelter to store wet shoes and bulky gear.
  •           Tarps are easily setup and taken down without getting the interior wet, and can be lowered to shed high winds, or raised in hot weather for outstanding    ventilation.
  •           Tarps are setup with hiking poles or sticks to further reduce carried weight.

The Bilgy adds features that a plain tarp does not have to gain all the advantages of a tent:

  •           The Bilgy has a no-see-um shelter (with zippered door) for complete bug protection, end flaps for complete protection against wind and rain, and a tub floor to repel puddled or flowing rainwater. The no-see-um shelter will be 10 degrees or so warmer on a cold night than a plain tarp.
  •           The Bilgy Tent no-see-um shelter has vertical walls for full usage of the floor and ceiling space, unlike many tents with slanted walls.
  •           The large Bilgy tarp overhangs the walls and ends of the no-see-um shelter to eliminate all sidewall condensation, a problem in single-wall tents and tents with a skimpy rain fly.
  •           Weight and bulk are reduced by integrating the Bilgy tarp and no-see-um shelter into one unit that is easy to carry, setup and takedown.
  •           The Bilgy Tent has only 4 reset & adjustable guy lines, which simplifies and speeds usage.

Simply said, there is nothing like a Bilgy Tent.

Construction time is 20 to 50 hours, depending on experience and patience.

Tools needed are hot knife or scissors, pins, size 70 to 90 sewing-machine needles, hemming gauge, duct tape (heavy duty, indoor-outdoor duct tape for best adhesion to the slick silnylon), 12 foot tape measure, yard stick, carpenter's chalk line, fabric marker (Note:  Chalkboard chalk or silver "metallic Sharpie" permanent markers work well on silnylon; remove Sharpie errors with a rag wetted with paint thinner).  A working space of about 11 ft. by 16 ft. is helpful to layout the pattern pieces.

Materials List for the Bilgy 1 Person Light Tarp Shelter

  •     10 yards     1.3 oz. Silicone Impregnated Ripstop Nylon
  •     4 yards       No-see-um netting
  •     3 yards       #3 coil zipper tape
  •     2 each        #3 coil double sliders for above tape
  •     5 yards       3/4" Grosgrain ribbon, black
  •     1 yard        1.5" Grosgrain ribbon, black (or light weight webbing)
  •     1/2 yard     each of red and gold 1.5" webbing used for the Ridge Pulls, easily identifies the Door end or Foot ends when orientating the Tarp Shelter and matching the poles
  •     2 yards      1" Hook Sew-on Velcro, black
  •     2 yards      1" Loop Sew- on Velcro, black
  •     30 yards    1/16" Cording
  •     1 each        #1, ID 5/16" grommet kit (comes with 2 dozen grommets and washers, setter and hole punch); need three or four grommets for bilgy pattern.
  •     1 each        Toggle/Cord Lock, small size (for storage stuff sack)
  •     1 each        Silnet Silicone Seam Sealer
  •     1 each        Hot Knife (optional *see notes*)


  •     3 each       Gutermann standard size 110yd (same color as 1.3 oz. Silicone impregnated nylon)
  •     1 each       Gutermann standard size 110yd, black
  •     1 each       Gutermann standard size 110yd, red (for color coding ridge pulls)
  •     1 each       Gutermann standard size 110yd, gold (for color coding ridge pulls)

*Note on hot knife: Cutting silnylon with a hot knife can extend the life of cut edges by fusing them. Also works great for sealing cut edges of synthetic webbing and cording. If you have a hot knife, then you will need an appropriate cutting surface, such as glass (e.g., a used storm window pane) or hardboard (a couple 2' x4' pieces work well)

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