C.S. Osborne Heavy Duty Grommet Kits

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C.S. Osborne Heavy Duty Grommet Kits
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 C.S. Osborne Heavy Duty Grommet Kits

A complete and intermediate kit for consumer use. Each heavy duty grommet kit consists of a midget grommet setter, a belt punch, three dozen brass plain grommets and washers, a small cutting board and complete instructions!

When setting grommets, use a hard surface under the grommet anvil. Our Mini Anvil works great for this application! To enhance the life expectancy of your grommet setter, use a rawhide hammer or wooden mallet, not a steel hammer.

When using the hole punch that comes with this heavy duty grommet kit, we highly recommend using the Self Healing Cutting Pad. Otherwise it is recommended to use corrugated cardboard on top of of the wooden block provided with kit. This will increase the life expectancy of the hole punch.

Need more grommets? Check out our refill packages or gross grommets!

For use with Plain Washer Grommets.


#00 - I.D. 3/16" @ $27.50
#0  -  I.D. 1/4"   @ $28.50
#1  -  I.D. 5/16" @ $29.50
#2  -  I.D. 3/8"   @ $30.50
#3  -  I.D. 7/16" @ $31.50
#4  -  I.D. 1/2"   @ $33.50

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