C.S. Osborne PRO Spur Grommet Setter

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C.S. Osborne PRO Spur Grommet Setter
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C.S. Osborne PRO Spur Grommet Setter

This is a professional quality grommet setter that will stand up to the test of time.  Hardened steel insures long life for these setters, even in high use commercial applications.

When setting grommets, use a hard surface under the grommet anvil. Our Mini Anvil works great for this application! To enhance the life expectancy of your C.S. Osborne grommet setter, use a rawhide hammer or wooden mallet, not a steel hammer.

Punch holes before setting grommets with one of the following tools: C.S. Osborne Drive Hole Punch, C.S. Osborne Revolving Hole Punch or Screw Hole Punch.

For use with Spur Washer Grommets.

#0  -  I.D. 9/32"   @ $45.99
#1  -  I.D. 13/32" @ $47.99
#2  -  I.D. 7/16"   @ $49.99
#3  -  I.D. 1/2"     @ $57.99
#4  -  I.D. 9/16"   @ $61.99

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