Mundial Titan-Edge Shears

Part Number:MSTE501
Mundial Titan-Edge Shears
5" Thread Clip
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The Titan-Edge line is our value-priced line, and it is ideal for all of your crafting needs! These scissors feature blades coated with titanium, offering increased durability, hardness and resistance to corrosion. They also have a comfort grip, ensuring that the ultimate cutting experience is achieved. With Titan-Edge scissors & shears, you will achieve superior performance at an affordable price and a higher standard of quality.

5" #501 Thread Clips - $8.25
5-1/2"   #564 Hobby Scissors - $8.25
8-1/2"  #560 Bent Shears $10.50
9-1/2"  #590 Multi-layer Shears $12.50

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