Non-Separating Zippers

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YKK® "U" Shaped Zipper Top Stops
All zippers can be shortened to any length, use these top stops to either shorten separating or non separating zippers, or use them to make zipper by the yard open on one end. Available in Small for the #4.5 or #5 and and Large for the #8 or #10.
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YKK® Water Resistant 7
YKK® Water Resistant 7" Non-Separating Zipper #5 Coil
These pocket zippers have a special design and a vinyl treatment that make them water resistant and eliminate the need for storm flaps.
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YKK® 7
YKK® 7" Non-Separating Zipper #5
Just the right length for a pocket! A common size called out in most patterns. Stocked in #5 black, Coil (closed at one end) or Vislon (Molded Tooth - closed at both ends).
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YKK® 10
YKK® 10" Non-Separating Zipper #5 Vislon (Molded Tooth)
10" non-separating zippers in 13 colors!
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