Deluxe Materials for the Winter Coat You'll Love

Still searching for the perfect winter coat? Check out our top-notch materials before constructing your next winter activewear. You no longer need to rely on bulky, rigid, or outdated garments when planning your winter escape. By using our one-layer blends, you’ll never have to sacrifice function over comfort. 

Benefits of Nylon & Fleece 

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to wool, fleece is a great option. It helps to keep you warm to a similar degree, but doesn’t come with the heaviness or itching feeling wool can often create. Not only that, but it’s much easier to clean. You won’t have to worry about shrinking sweaters in your dryer! In fact, fleece tend to dry naturally very quickly, so you can wear it while camping or hiking in damp areas without worrying about getting too cold.

Nylon is commonly seen in common goods like umbrellas, swimwear, tights, and undergarments, but it also makes excellent outerwear material. It’s perfect for rainy days and damp expeditions like canoeing. If you’re looking for versatility and warmth, you can choose a nylon jacket with a fleece lining this upcoming winter. 

Weather Guard Softshell

For a resistant and warm piece any outdoor adventurer will love, check out the Weather Guard Softshell. This super soft fabric features both a fleece insulation and a waterproof outer shell, so in just one layer you’ll be protected from many extreme weather conditions like rain, ice, and cold winds. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with stiff movement either. This material allows you to bend, move, ski, snowboard, trek, cycle, and climb with ultimate flexibility. If you’re on-the-go this winter and don’t want to be held down by even lighter fabrics like a fleece and nylon combination, construct your next jacket, pants, or gloves from the Weather Guard Membrane. 

3-Ply Microfleece

Another excellent choice is the 3-Ply Microfleece, which has a soft shell, 100% nylon face, and polyester micro fleece backing. However, while most nylon and fleece combinations are two layers, Seattle Fabrics provides options like this convenient one-layer material, which comes with all the same benefits. 

You’ll have maximum breathability, abrasion resistance, and flexibility to fully enjoy whatever your outdoor adventure brings. The water repellent outer face wards off heavy rain, snow, and wind. Plus, with just this one layer, you can avoid the weight and hassle of heavy coverings, and stay warm while retaining all of your mobility. This material is ideal for any outwear clothing items used for skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports. 

Polartec Wind Pro Fleece

Revolutionary in thermal fabrics, the Polartec Wind Pro Fleece allows you to get rid of unwanted outer shells, but still stay warm during rain or intense gusts of wind. The material is tightly weaved together, blocking 95% of harsh wind, while still staying pliable and breathable. 

The ultra-soft velour face remains comfortable during all day use, even when you’re active. To top it off, the durable water resistant finish means it can handle tough winter weather, without sacrificing any of the winter coziness you desire. 

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