Outdoor Activities the Family Will Love: Winter Edition

We all know summer is a great time to head outdoors with the family and go on an adventure. However, even the cold winter months can be a wonderful time to get together and find open-air activities that will make long-lasting memories. So instead of curling up in front of a movie every evening, why not check out some of our ideas on how to get the family out of the house this winter?

Go on a Nature Hike

Winter hikes are an inexpensive way to get fresh air and enjoy the winter magic in your surroundings. Even if it’s a site you’ve already seen, there is always something new to discover when the seasons change. Find out what local wildlife is active this year and see if you can spot any. Discover the cold-dwelling plants and herbs that line the paths. 

If you’re extra adventurous, you can even try a nighttime hike. There is something even more enchanting about snow-covered mountains or plains with the moon and stars lighting your way. Just make sure to take extra precautions like warm clothes, lights, and safety gear, and telling someone you trust where you’re going and when you expect to return.

Visit a Nearby Lake or River

Fishing isn’t just for the warmer months. A catch during ice fishing can be an even greater thrill than during a hot summer day. This activity generally only requires an ice auger, skimmer, pole, and gaff to get started. So why not grab a few chairs and hot beverages in thermoses until the action begins?

Play in the Snow

You and your family can create fond memories together by going outside and enjoying classic wintertime snowy activities. You can start off by building a snowman. Decorate it together with a hat, carrot nose, button eyes, or other household accessories for an even more personalized feel. 

Next up, make some snow angels in the yard. Waving your arms and legs on fresh snow can be one of the most exhilarating feelings, and it always leaves behind a charming design.

Another easy-to-do pastime is sledding. Head out with a sled, or find a sturdy and smooth item, and find a safe hill to get started. Going down is invigorating and going back up the hill is a fun way to get out your kids’ extra energy!

Enjoy Hot Chocolate by the Fire

If you have access to a fireplace or firepit, don’t let it go to waste. Collect wood together as a family and build a cozy fire to enjoy for hours. You can make s’mores, roasted marshmallows, cook hotdogs, or enjoy a nice cup of cocoa while playing board games. 

Take a Day Trip 

If you’re itching for something new, take the family for a day trip and see some famous tourist attractions in your area. Many towns will also set up professional temporary sledding, caroling, or winter games for families. If you see that many homes have their Christmas lights out already, you can even go admire the festive spirit and pick out your favorite decor!

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