4 Essential Outdoor Fabrics for Every Season

Do you love to spend time outdoors? Those who truly love nature don’t wait for fair weather to spend time among the trees. If you spend as much time outside as possible, you need to make sure you have the right attire for the right season. 

If you like to make your own outerwear, coverups, totes, and the like, the best place to start is with the right fabric. Clothing for the outdoors shouldn’t be made of the same fabrics that you wear indoors. You need to account for seasonal blessings like moisture wicking and thermals (depending on the season).

Whether you are an adventurer who needs customized gear or just an individual looking for some efficient seasonal wardrobe tips, here are the most essential fabrics for each season.

Spring is right around the corner

It might seem as though the cold will last forever, but spring isn’t far away. Get prepared now by starting outdoor clothing and gear for tramping through the spring rains. Cotton fabric is breathable and light, which makes it good for warmer weather. Layering cotton can help provide some warmth when the wind turns chill. It’s also fairly sturdy, and it is easy to keep clean or bleach if needed. Linen is also breathable and lightweight, and is also somewhat water repellant.

Since there is always a danger of getting caught in a rainstorm, make sure that you choose cottons and linens that are free of dyes and toxins. If the fabric will be wet on your skin, you don’t want it to have those irritants. The same is true of any fabric that will be worn outdoors in precipitation.

Summer water fun

The most commonly needed outdoor clothing for summer is what you need at the beach – swimsuits, beach towels, and cloth beach totes. Cotton is a great option for totes that are going to need to be cleaned between beach visits. They stand up well against abuse while being easily washed, maintained, and stored.

On the other hand, swimsuits, jogging pants, exercise tanks and tees, and other clothing that you will wear outdoors in the summer should be made of nylon fabric. Nylon wicks away moisture from the body, which means swimsuits dry faster and are less likely to chafe. This same feature helps wick away sweat and prevent chafing for joggers and others exercising outdoors in the heat.

Autumn fleece for cozy fall afternoons

Fleece fabric is by far the most popular outdoor fabric for fall. Fleece works great as a warm inner layer to other items worn outdoors. Keep in mind that this fabric is highly absorbent, and it is not meant to be used in wet weather. If you are going to be outdoors and there is a chance of precipitation, you need to add a layer on top of the fleece or go with a more suitable option.

Insulation fabric for warm winter adventures

Insulation fabric is ideal for creating outdoor gear for winter. This fabric is thick but lightweight, strong, waterproof, and blocks the wind. You can use it as an exterior layer with fleece lining for a warm but lightweight winter coat, or you can make a windbreaker to layer on top of your fleece in both autumn and winter during storms.
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