6 Spectacular Sights in the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies boast many areas that tourists from all over flock to visit each year. Recognized for their untouched beauty and fun outdoor activities, each of these sites deserves a spot on your must-see list. 

Banff National Park

One of the most well-known and celebrated UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Canadian Rockies is the Banff National Park. It was Canada’s first national park and is visited by nearly 4 million people per year.  

Here you can enjoy stunning turquoise glacial lakes, massive Rocky Mountain summits, and a variety of fascinating wildlife. If you like skiing, hiking, canoeing, sailing, and biking, Banff may be the best place for your next adventure. 

Don’t forget to check out Lake Louise, a stunning nearby glacier-fed lake. Not only is it a wonderful site to explore during the summer, but it also looks magical surrounded by the glistening snowy Rocky Mountains in winter. 

Jasper National Park 

Jasper is the largest of the national parks in the Canadian Rockies. It is another spot that is gorgeous in summer but only improves in its majesty during winter. Wildlife like bears, elk, and mountain goats are sprawled along its wide surface. 

Common activities here are skiing, biking, climbing, hiking, golf, and fishing. Jasper is also the world’s second-greatest Dark Sky Preserve, which means when you enjoy a night in this park, you will be able to see more stars than you could’ve ever imagined!

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway connects both the Banff National Park and Jasper National Park and is lined with natural wonders. Take a scenic road trip and enjoy the view. You can even make a stop and hike the Parker Ridge Trail or go see the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, which features fossils, glaciers, and grand waterfalls. 

Yoho National Park

The Yoho National Park is situated on the western slopes of the Great Divide. Backpackers, hikers, and nature lovers all come to see sites like the Spiral Tunnel, Wapta Falls, or the fossils that date back to half-a-billion years. 

You can even go on guided conservation hikes or enjoy the view from your car if you need a little rest. Most interesting for many is the Emerald Lake, which is an impressive deep green shade that stands next to a charming natural stone bridge. 

Waterton Lakes National Park 

Near the United States, but residing in Alberta is Waterton Lakes National Park. Here you can enjoy clear water lakes, waterfalls, and the majesty of the mountains with the charm of the plains. 

Smaller in both size and visitors than other national parks, Waterton is the perfect spot for easy access and lots of fun activities. This spot is known for its incredible hiking views of the Red Rock Canyon and Crypt Lake. 

Helmcken Falls

If you love waterfalls, come visit Helmcken Falls within the Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia. This waterfall is 141m, making it the 4th largest waterfall in Canada. You can even take a hike to the bottom of the falls to get a grander view of the water rushing down. 

There is even more to do after your visit is finished, enjoy a hike on Helcken Falls Rim Trails or spot other beautiful sites like Trophy Mountain. The fresh air and quaint area never fail to disappoint. 

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