DIY Outdoor Gifts for the Outdoorsman (& Woman!)
The outdoor enthusiasts in our lives have been stuck at home too long in 2020. Many are itching to get outside in the New Year, and if you're crafty, you can support those sentiments by gifting some DIY outdoor gear. 

Especially in a pandemic year where money may be tight for many of us, handmade and DIY items are ruling the gift-giving game. It's why sites like Etsy are seeing major year-over-year jumps and increases in search terms like "personalized gifts." Whether you have a pre-existing talent for crafting and sewing, or whether it's a hobby you developed during the grueling days of quarantine, you might be ready to manifest that hobby into a gift for someone you love. Not only does creating DIY outdoor gear for the adventurers in your life give you an ability to add custom touches (like embroidering their name), it also allows you to size and style the item to their needs and preferences. 

Forget the trip to REI and put your skills to the test with some of these DIY outdoor gear ideas. 

Tarp Tent

Our tarp tent sewing pattern can guide you through the fabrics, measurements, and overall process for a simple outdoor shelter. Also known as a Bilgy Tent, it's lightweight and ideal for the spontaneous camper in your life who likes to set up shelter wherever the wind takes them. Looking for a couple's gift? We offer a two-person tarp tent pattern as well. 

Depending on your level of experience, this tarp tent can take 20-50 hours to construct. It also requires a fairly large space, so consider making room in your garage for this project. If executed properly, however, the Bilgy can be the ultimate camping gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life as it offers an inside pocket, clothesline, light hanger, mosquito protection, and a covered entryway for cooking or just hanging out. 

You'll need a variety of sewing notions, hooks, loops, Grosgrain ribbon, and about 10 yards of Silicone Impregnated Ripstop Nylon, but it'll be the ultimate holiday gift. 


Anything that adds to an outdoor enthusiast's luggage-bearing capabilities is sure to make their lives easier. Consider one of our many travel bag or carrier patterns with a personalized touch to support the hiker, camper, or skiier in your life that always needs more storage. 

Green Pepper and Rain Shed offer a variety of simple patterns for carryable items like trail bags, thermal bottle bags, and ski bags

Camping Blanket

Outside of the traditional sleeping bag, camping blankets are another much-desired amenity among camping and outdoor enthusiasts. They're ideal for sleep or just for wrapping around yourself while you sit outside your tent and enjoy a hot beverage. Furthermore, they're fairly simple to make and allow you to bypass the exorbitant pricing of many ready-made camping blankets. A lightweight ripstop nylon fabric with waterproof capabilities is ideal for the exterior lining of your camping blanket creation. 

Add some prequilted insulation to add warmth without creating further bulk. For the interior lining, some Blanket Width Polartec Fleece can provide ultimate softness and comfort. Embroider the inside lining of the blanket with a name, date, or special quote to add gift-giving quality. 
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