5 Best Hikes in Olympic National Park

Situated in nearly one million acres in the north of Washington, Olympic National Park has a rich diversity of trails where you can find wildlife, historical artifacts, and breathtaking natural wonders. 

Hurricane Hill

The trail of Hurricane Hill is a family-friendly hike that is roughly 1.6 miles long one way. Here you’ll find plenty of room on the wide and well-defined path to stop and eat a snack or take a photo of the beautiful landscapes. 

If you’re tired or need a break, stop by the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. This iconic spot sits at 5,242 feet, where you can even get a glimpse of Vancouver island peaking over the tall Olympic Mountains on a clear and sunny day. 

Sol Duc Falls Nature Trail

This famous hike located in the northwest of the national park garners a lot of attention from tourists every year. You’ll traverse through the deep and rich-colored green forest and over a small stream on a charming bridge, all while spotting the snow-capped peaks and alpine lakes in the distance. People of all ages and levels of experience can tackle this hike. 

The trail starts at the Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort, where you can enjoy a soak in the natural hot springs, enjoy a massage at the spa, and have a relaxing family meal at the restaurant. 

Hoh River Trail

The Hoh River Trail passes through one of the few temperate rain forests in the United States. This hot-spot for nature lovers is located in the southwest area of the state and is a frequent recipient of heavy rainfall, which is what makes the lush forests so vibrant. 

Here you’ll find an abundance of ferns, brightly colored mosses, and towering spruce trees alongside the Hoh River. The trail is great for easy and moderate level hikers, with mostly flat terrain and some steep areas. 

Dungeness Spit

At Dungeness Spit, you can find the longest natural sand spit in the United States. Pass between the wild mountains and the peaceful ocean during your hike for a one-of-a-kind experience. Mammals and marine life will be abundant during your trek, so make sure to keep an eye out. 

At the end of the 5.5 mile trail is The New Dungeness Lighthouse. This was the first completed U.S. lighthouse located on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It has been functioning since 1857 and is now added to the National Register of Historic Places. It even offers the opportunity for guests to stay at the lighthouse for a week, assisting with some of the smaller operations. 

Hole-in-the-Wall at Rialto Beach

If you’re looking to experience a unique spot alongside Washington’s rugged coast, come hike the trail at Hole-in-the-Wall. Be sure to pack sand-resistant shoes and a raincoat when you visit!

Here you’ll find tide pools, sea animals, and a soft ocean coastline speckled with raindrops many days of the year. After a small climb on the rocky shore, you can pass through the iconic and mysterious hole located in one of the large stone walls. At only 3.3 miles roundtrip, this is the perfect coastal walk for loved ones wanting to make new memories together. 

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