Best Weekend Getaways Near Seattle

If you’re living or staying in Seattle, you may be surprised to find a world of adventure is right outside your door. Read below to find five amazing sites to explore for a fun and easy weekend getaway any time of the year.


If you’re inspired by the look and feel of Bavaria, you’ll love the village of Leavenworth. Only 2-3 hours from Seattle, you can be easily transported to another time and place through the beautiful German aesthetic and delicious food. 

One of the most popular times to visit is in the fall for the thematic event Oktoberfest. We also suggest coming by throughout December to enjoy the decorated Christmas Markets and maybe even find a unique holiday gift. All year round, the village is filled with pretzels, sausage, beer, and live polka music, so there’s never a bad time to stop by. 

Port Townsend

Located at the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend is a magical spot that is easily accessible from Seattle. Feel the escape from your daily routine by taking the ferry down to the port and watching the landscapes pass by. Once you’re there, you’ll find a blend of charming Victorian architecture and stylish restaurants to eat.  

Visit sites like the Rothschild House and the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum, wander through antique shops with hidden treasures, or even take a sailing trip around the port to enjoy the view from afar!

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is one of the most popular destination sites for both locals and travelers abroad. This hotspot is only 2-3 hours from Seattle by ferry, which itself offers an unforgettable picturesque view of Washington and Vancouver Island. 

Here you’ll want to see the now National Historic Site of Canada, the Butchart Gardens, which has been offering a 55-acre display of lush greenery and exotic flowers for over one hundred years.

Another beloved site is the Craigdarroch Castle. Finished in 1890, this mansion was created by the wealthiest citizens of British Columbia at the time. You’ll be able to peer into the world of the 19th century Canadian elite and discover the beauty of original Victorian artifacts.

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is another popular city known for its unique style. Here you’ll find a never-ending discovery of quirky cafes and unique art galleries. The Alphabet District is known for its variety of bars and restaurants, while the Pearl District is a great place to browse stylish local shops. 

A must-see spot for any book-lovers is Powell’s Books, which is the world’s largest independent bookstore! Afterwards, you can stop by the Portland Art museum or the Pittock Mansion for a cultural experience, followed by a calming picnic in Washington Park, which also offers a zoo and a stunning Japanese garden. 

Mt. Rainier National Park

One of the best places for nature enthusiasts is Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier itself is an iconic figure at 14,410 feet above sea level. This active volcano and its surrounding area are covered in wildlife, lush forests, waterfalls, and even wildflower meadows. 

If you’re looking for outdoor adventures you can’t get in the icty like hiking, skiing, climbing, or kayaking, a weekend in Mount Rainier will hit the spot! 

You can’t do all the trails in one trip though, so bring back friends and family to try new paths like the Silver Falls Trail, the Skyline Trail, or the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail. With every visit you will have the opportunity to discover something different and unique. 

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