Back-to-School with a DIY Backpack

If you didn't know before, making your own backpack is easy! A DIY backpack will test your resourcefulness and creativity, and ignite a child-like sense of adventure every time you step outside. Customizing a back satchel for the new school year is the ultimate way to begin a new journey, and with just a few materials, the essential functionality of the backpack can be uniquely fitted to who you are in a few easy steps.  

First, Pick Your Pattern

Starting your journey with a DIY book pack sewing pattern can provide you with the guidance and specifications that you need to start your project successfully. When choosing a design, think about how you (or the person you are making it for) will likely use it. If you want more bells and whistles such as multiple pockets, zippers, a place for your water bottle, a laptop pocket, or different kinds of straps, then you'll need to carve out more time to add details. If the backpack will be used to carry books or heavier items, then a larger size pattern and extra sturdy materials should be used. 

Now You're Ready to Purchase Materials 

A backpack only has a few core components: the shell, lining, hardware, and webbing. Cordura or Nylon/Polyester Packcloth makes an outstanding shell, and Neoprene or foam is what will give your backpack its structure and comfort. For hardware such as handles, lash tabs, tip ends, and strap adjusters, there are quite a few options to choose from, so choosing the right finishes that mesh well with your overall design is easy. Finally, don't forget to add Nylon webbing and attach it to the straps for secure loosening and tightening.

Things to Remember When Using a Sewing Pattern

It's important to remember a few best practices when working with a sewing pattern. First, accurate measurements are vital and will ensure that your backpack doesn't end up being too large or too small, but just the right size. Second, make sure to read through all of the sewing directions carefully before getting started. Third, laying out the pattern will help you visualize your end product and familiarize yourself with the steps that need to be taken to make the exact backpack you want. Finally, once you start the sewing process, pay close attention to details such as seam allowances, weave grain, and symbols on cutting lines. 

A DIY Backpack Gives us a Chance to Play

We meet many unknowns when we walk out of our front door, and a little extra confidence goes a long way. A backpack that represents just who you are is an excellent reminder of what we can achieve, adventure and exploration. Making your own backpack is a chance to play, build, and create something new that will likely be with you or a loved one every single day. Taking the time to develop and celebrate the work of your hands is a gift, and although a backpack is a simple item, the personal enjoyment of a handmade bag is always filled with joy and love.

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