Trekking the Beaches, Mountains, and Valleys of the Olympic Peninsula
There's only one place in the world where beaches, mountains, and valleys all come together to create 922,651 acres of diverse wilderness. This unique region is richly baked with American history and contains a multi-layered ecosystem, including glaciated mountains, rain forests, and more than 70 miles of wild coastline. 

The preservation of this now UNESCO World Heritage site began when President Grover Cleveland created the Olympic Forest Reserve in 1897, and President Franklin Roosevelt signed the act that established the Olympic National Park officially in 1938.

Setting out to tackle the untamed lands of the Pacific Northwest requires having the right gear for the wide variety of weather conditions that will be encountered and is essential for exploring the magnificent sights of the Olympic National Park. So if you plan on championing any of the epic terrains listed below, here's the type of fabric that will keep you in tip-top shape. 

Heavenly Beaches

Shi Shi Beach will be one of the most beautiful coastline stops you make on your trip and is surrounded by hiking trails. Most of the beaches in the Olympic Peninsula are accessible via trail and have a variety of water life that can be observed. 

Tide pools, whales, otters, wildlife, and sea stacks are just a few of the many sights and sounds that can be taken in on the fascinating beaches that line the peninsula. Visitors should make sure to wear plenty of durable waterproof fabrics to protect themselves from coastal rain and mist from the beaches that contribute to the wet trails. 

Breathtaking Mountains 

Hurricane Ridge and Sol Duc Falls are both definite must-do's when visiting the park. Hurricane Ridge can be tackled in both summer and winter, and the views from this 5,240-foot summit are genuinely breathtaking. 

The Sol Duc Falls nature trail is a 2.1-mile trail that's perfect for all hiking levels and is usually open to the public from spring through the fall. There are campsites near these popular destinations, but visitors will need reliable cold weather camping necessities, especially when visiting in the winter. 

Inspiring Valleys 

Nestled in the southwest quadrant of Olympic National Park in the Quinault Rain Forest, The gorgeous Enchanted Valley is laced with glaciers and waterfalls and is home to a quaint chalet built in the 1930s. Accessing this hidden gem requires picking up the trail located at Graves Creek, climbing about 2.1 miles, and then working your way through at least 14 miles of creeks, meadows, and lush forest country. Backpacking is highly recommended for this trip, and bringing nylon webbing to secure your pack to you is critical for this long trail. 

Preparation is Vital

The Olympic National Park is filled with exploration and adventure of every kind, but being prepared is necessary to stay safe in this wilderness ecosystem. Having the suitable fabric to complete your gear is what makes adventure trips enjoyable and a positive experience. From waterproof fabric to proper cloth to store food and scented items, which keeps bears away, the right materials can keep you safe while enjoying the great outdoors at its fullest. 

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