How to Spring Clean Your Outdoor Gear

Springtime is finally in the air, and your outdoor gear is getting ready to get dusted and start exploring the great outdoors. Odds are you store away your dirty and grimy outdoor gear in some forgotten corner of your garage or closet. Come spring, and your must-have gear is still covered in some nasty stuff. So, instead of tossing your precious gear away, here are some quick tips on how to clean your camping gear for spring.

Cleaning Your Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags can get pretty ripe. To spring them back into life, use non-detergent soap, water, and a soft brush to clean most dirty spots and stains. 

But, if your sleeping bag is grimy, you can wash it in your washing machine. Whether you do it at home or a commercial laundromat, set it on a delicate cycle and use cold water to revive your sleeping bag. A gentle laundry detergent might be good, but if you want to care for your sleeping back, try a specialized down cleaner like the ReviveX.

Skiwear, Rainwear & Outerwear

Much like your sleeping bag, odds are your skiwear, rainwear, and outerwear are also made of some type of down insulation or any other synthetic insulation material. Use a soft brush and a non-detergent soap and water solution to tackle stains and grim spots. 

Then, take them to the laundry machine. You want to wash them individually or in limited quantities. Since they’re bulky, you want there to be enough room in the washing machine for them to get a thorough wash. The high-tech fabrics of your skiwear, rainwear, and outerwear need something that will tackle dirt and grime without affecting water repellency, so use a specialized solution like the ReviveX Pro Cleaner

Fishing Gear & Inflatable Boats

No other outdoor gear gets grimier and straight-up nastier than your fishing gear. Between the fish odor, the water, the dirt, and all the elements that play a role in an excellent fishing experience, it’s almost impossible to keep your gear clean without the right solutions. 

Use something like the 303 Marine & Recreation Aerospace Protectant to keep your gear clean. This is designed to safeguard boat equipment against the damaging effects of UV rays. It will help repel stains and prevent fading. Just wipe clean the surface and spray the protectant all over the surface after every use. 

Boat Covers, Awning & Tents

Even if it didn’t rain in your last outdoor adventure, cleaning your tent, boat covers, and awnings is vital to prevent mildew and fungus from forming. Start by brushing the surface with a mixture of non-detergent soap and water to eliminate all the stuck dirt. 

Then, use the 303 Marine & Recreation Fabric Guard to seal everything and keep it protected. This spray is designed to create a shield that will increase repellency and protect against oil- and water-based stains in the future. Perfect to use on seats, awnings, boat covers, and your tent. 

Get in the habit of cleaning your outdoor gear after every use, so they’ll be ready for you by the time your next adventure rolls around. Don’t forget to use this spring cleaning time to restore waterproof qualities to all of your outdoor gear using a durable water repellent solution. 

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